Ads on a Roll is seeking "monthly sponsorships"

We are seeking monthly sponsorships in support of Ads on a Roll.  Contact us at to reserve your personalized month.

Here's the benefit of sponsoring Ads on a Roll:

We are always looking for sponsorships. Sponsors are companies that believe in what "Ads on a Roll" is accomplishing. Sponsors do not have any specific wheel cover ordering requirements, but instead, desire special promotions throughout their chosen month. We feature our elite sponsors on the home page and in our designated highlight area throughout the site. Sponsors may also be featured in specialty areas within our social media presence.

You will receive:
  •  special recogniton in our newsletter;
  • a blurb about your organization or your programs;
  • your logo featured and linked to your company webpage;
  • ‘long-term sponsorship’ - as all newsletters are archived and your sponsorship lives on well after the current issue.
Contact us at to reserve your personalized month.